Monday, July 5, 2010

Ribbon Fun

The ladies group at my church have a "Secret Sister" group going on where we give secret gifts to each other  & it has been so fun! We had the reveal a few weeks ago & I thought it would be fun to do something different with her gift. I could have thrown lots of her favorite things in a bag, but I thought jazzing up a bucket with ribbon would be a lot more fun! :-)

It's so easy, you can do it too!

Just head on over to the Target Dollar Spot (I love that place!) & grab a fun bucket!
Then head over to your favorite craft store & pick up 2 spools of ribbon in coordinating colors.
You'll also need a ruler & scissors!
Take your ribbon spools and cut around 13-15 five inch pieces of each color.
Start on one of the bucket handles by tying the ribbons in knots and switching colors every other ribbon.
There's one side done!

Slide them tight & fill it up until there is no more of the handle showing.
Continue with the next handle & you're almost done! :-)
Here's a close up of the ribbons!
Insert tissue paper and lots of favorite snacks & a candle! You have a fun little bucket of goodies that will definitely make your friends day! :-)

**(If you wanted to personalize it you could take matching paint pens & write their name or initials! I ran out of time or I would have! :-) )

Hope this gives you a fun idea! Much better than a bag, right?!?

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